Clients of our Nashville recording studio

ArtistWebsiteSelected Discography
Tom HouseTom House's Website

Long Time Home From Here

The Neighborhood Is Changing

'Til You've Seen Mine

This White Man's Burden

Jesus Doesn't Live Here Anymore

David Olney David Olney's Website

The Wheel
Through A Glass Darkly
Omar's Blues
The Wheel

Doug HoekstraDoug Hoekstra's Website

Rickety Stairs
Make Me Believe
The Past Is Never Past

Tom OvansTom Ovans Website

Industrial Days
Unreal City
Nuclear Sky
Tales From The Underground

LambchopLambchop's Website

I Hope You're Sitting Down/
Jack's Tulips
How I Quit Smoking

Silvain VanotSilvain Vanot's Website


Jet Black FactoryJet Black Factory's Website

House Blessing
The Uncrossing



DessauDessau's Website

Happy Mood
Details Sketchy

Pat McLaughlin

Uncle Pat