Nashville recording studio

The Sound Vortex story is one with a rich and colorful heritage. Having been an audio stopover for many a creative musician and writer, the #1 goal has always been to help nurture and capture the best and most natural musical performance possible.

Our commitment and willingness to grab onto the pulse of a project and add that perfect ingredient is what we strive for. And while our story is one that includes a wide array of musical styles, our dedication to the creative process stands fast.

Born as the brainchild of former house engineer and producer Robb Earls, many talented engineers have used the facilities of the Sound Vortex. Earls created this studio to be a workshop for song, and the environment created has been the home of many.

Sound Vortex is now the new home of Gold Cassette Productions. Founders, Alex Gilson and Nate Zensen, are two of Nashville's best and brightest emerging star producer/engineers. Combined with Zensen's skilled experience as a guitarist and songwriter, and with Gilson's expertise in hi-fidelity sound and production, the dynamic duo have the skills and knowledge to make your recordings unique and come out a cut above the rest!

Bottom line. We have a vast array of analog equipment and can supply the digital recording medium to help make your project the best that it can be. If you are a band looking to lay down your latest song or you are an engineer or producer looking to find a room that is “locked and loaded”. Sound Vortex is the studio space that is ready.